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Preference Seekers are the Sweet Spot in Your E-mail Strategy
[ - 8/28/2010 2:03:27 PM]

[Editor's Note: People want e-mails that show the marketer wants to understand them.] Andrea Orvis - DM News - 8/24/10 You may know that your e-mail list includes stay-at-home moms, in-store shoppers and bargain hunters, but there could be another influential segment hiding in plain sight: preference seekers.

No, preference seekers aren't on a quest to discover the definitive answer to the question: “Paper or plastic?” They're seeking e-mails that show the marketer understands their lifestyle, interests and purchase history. They want what e-mail has long promised: a communication channel that fulfills their expectations for true, one-to-one interactions. Here's how you can give it to them. Read the full story.

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